Sept 22, 2019 Southern Shore Argo Adventure (39 Photos)


39.   With my 1989 Argo 6x6 Project 99% complete we decided to take two machines to the Southern Shore on this week's Moose scouting adventure. Our crew have been back and forth to our hunting area regularly for the last few weeks getting a handle on what animals are around.



38.   French's large enclosed trailer holds my 1989 6x6 and his 2016 Avenger 8x8 with ease.



37.   When French purchased his 2017 Argo a few years ago Dad had already sold ours. I never imagined that I'd have an opportunity to get it back and be able to run these two machines in the woods together. New school tech and old school tech on one awesome adventure!



36.   French and Stroh hopped in his Avenger while Matthew French co-piloted with me in my machine.




35.   At the first mud hole to the pole line Matthew grabbed this awesome slo-mo clip which came out great! I did manage to get stuck in Mark's ruts from last year (the new machines have a lot more ground clearance) but a quick winch out with my trusty rebuilt WARN 2500 had us rolling again in no time.





33.   We headed in country on foot to check our game cameras and we weren't disappointed.





31.   The date on French's camera is still fooled up as he needs to replace the lithium clock battery, but sometime in the last week the Cow and Calf we caught before returned giving us some awesome shots!











26.   On Friday evening camera 2 picked up the cow and calf again, but more excitedly it also showed a young bull chasing/following her around!







23.   Saturday evening another younger bull was caught on scene!



22.   With game pics stored to our phones we headed out of the area to check out another clearing and then on to pick some Partridge Berries for a moose sausage item French wants to make later this fall.




21.   Project Argo continues to run well, I have to grab a new compression nut for the right steering lever adjuster as the old one is loose and backed off, and on our next adventure I have to get the machine up to temp and properly adjust the idle air screw. I now know how to do properly from studying the service manual - I had previously set it with a luke warm engine which causes it to stall when hot.





19.   We found this cuddy of partridge and blue berries a few years ago and we weren't disappointed this year!





17.   Matthew and I checked out the marsh around the berry patch but didn't find a heck of a lot of Moose sign at this time.











12.   With berries in hand we headed back the road and up lookout hill for more scouting and most important a kickass cook-up.











7.   After setting up another game camera we stopped to have our cook-up. Tonight I prepared my sliced Moose, Fresh Mushroom & Onion marinated in wine, minced garlic, balsamic vinegar and Italian seasoning. (prepped at home and marinated in a zip lock bag all day in the cooler).



6.   This was served over beef/onion flavoured minute rice. My new 2.8L Sea to Summit X-pot was a great tool for cooking the moose as it was large enough to feed 4 people and cooked way faster than a frying pan.



5.   French, Stroh and I recently picked up these awesome Dr.Si collapsible kettles on Amazon for a remarkable deal! Similar in design to the X-pot this kettle uses a stainless base and is designed for use only over a stove not open flame.





3.   My smaller 1.4L X-pot cooked our rice , its a great size and large enough to easily cook enough rice for 4 people.



2.   To put our supper right over the top French brought a pack of fresh fish puddings made at Porters in CBS. They are absolutely amazing. They come stuffed in sausage casings we find it best to slice and fry them up crispy in a frying pan.

1.   I got excited about supper and nearly forgot to take a pic of the finished product! All in all it was a great day. Both machines continue to run well, I got a chance to test out my new headlights and they work great. They don't shine long distance but create a great flood pattern in front of the machine. A 20" light bar will compliment the headlights well and give me a great combination for nigh time illumination.


Cheers, MIKE

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