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Sea to Summit X-Pots

February 20, 2020

My Sea to Summit X-pots are one of my favorite outdoor cooking tools. I've been using them on a regular basis now for about 3 years and they just continue to work so very well. They are made with silicone folding sides, have an aluminum base and an excellent sturdy clear lid.



Handles make for easy lifting on and off the stove and double to secure the covers during transportation. These pots are designed solely for gas stoves and should not be used on camp fires.



The Orange pot is 1.4L and the Aqua pot is 2.8L for bigger meals. The small pot can easily hold a couple cans of soup, make a pack of instant rice or chili for 2-3 people. The larger pot is great for larger groups, for boiling pasta, or cooking something thick that needs to be stirred without making a mess.



The clear lids also double as a strainer which is super convenient when making pasta!



These pots even have gradients built in so you can accurately measure water for certain dishes.







When collapsed they take up very little space, the orange pot actually fits inside the Aqua pot if you don't fully collapse the Aqua pot.



There is also one larger X-pot available, it's Red and holds up to 4L of water.



On this fall Moose Scouting trip I prepared my sliced Moose, Fresh Mushroom & Onion marinated in wine, minced garlic, balsamic vinegar and Italian seasoning. (prepped at home and marinated in a zip lock bag all day in the cooler).



The Aqua pot held all that with ease while I cooked instant rice in the orange pot.









The orange pot is great for making a pack of flavoured instant rice, this time I added 2 precooked and sliced chicken breasts for a quick and hearty trail side meal on a recent ATV ride.

Cheers, Mike

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