Mike's Product Review:

MSR Superfly Stove

February 20, 2020

My MSR Superfly was my first single burner gas stove, it's over 2 years old and has been extremely reliable. It folds up nice and compact and includes a piezo ignition for easy tool free lighting.







My only complaint is that on breezy or windy days such as the day pictured above, boiling & cook times are vastly increased as there is no wind protection in the stove itself. It rarely blows out on high but does when truing to simmer something like rice. Wind also rapidly removes heat that would other wise be transferred into the pot.





It doesn't Fold down as compact as the GSI Pinnacle, but it does not take up much space in your knapsack or ATV box.



Overall it's a great stove that will provide many years of reliable service. However after using the GSI Pinnacle with the optional windscreen and very rowdy burner design, I think that stove is a better choice for Newfoundland weather for a first or only stove.

Cheers, Mike

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