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dr. Si 1200ml Collapsible Kettle

February 20, 2020

I've been a big big fan of the Sea to Summit silicone collapsible (X-series) cookware for quite awhile now. Its well made, compacts well, is lightweight and easy to clean. Although its not cheap I think they are great value.



One day in the fall 2019 French and I were perusing Amazon and came across the dr. Si Collapsible Kettle. Its similar in design to X-pots but has a stainless steel base instead of aluminum. At the time prices varied as they do on Amazon averaging about $100 for the kettle, however we found one seller with the Green version (multiple other colors are available) listed for $29.



We ordered three, one for French, Stroh and I (which also qualified us for free shipping) and were pleasantly surprised to see that they were not manufacturer seconds or some other scam when they arrived! It  holds 1.2L of water (same as my Kelly Kettle Scout) which is easily enough for 3 cups of the hot beverage of your choice.



Like the Sea to Summit X-pots you can not use this kettle on an open camp fire, they are designed for and work extremely well on gas stoves such as a propane Coleman Stove or our Primus / GSI / MSR ISO Butane stoves.



Another 5-star product. It works well and goes nicely with my Sea to Summit pots for lightweight, compact travel and ease of use. This may even have a leg up given the price point!

Cheers, Mike

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