January 27, 2013 Goulds Sled Rip: (4 Photos)



4.   So many sledding seasons go by where I wished we took more opportunities to ride. With snow on the ground I didn't want to take any chances on a warm spell ruining it before I got out again. I decided to leave Project REV on the trailer Saturday night (after yesterdays ride with Maffer) and head out with the crew again Sunday morning for my fourth ride in two consecutive weekends!


3.   Meeting once again on Power's Road in the Goulds, I was joined by Bill on his Nytro, Todd on his REVxp XRS, and Long on his REVxp Summit for a ride in the Goulds-Witless Bay Line Area.


2.   We didn't have a particular destination in mind, with Bill in the lead we set about exploring trails we haven't travelled before all throughout the Goulds - Witless Bay Line area.


1.   At one point we ended up on Witless Bay Line in the middle of no where so we turned around an followed more new trails and eventually made our way to Crane's North Atlantic for lunch.

The afternoon was spent much the same exploring new trails and tearing up every snowdrift we could find eventually making it back to the trucks around suppertime.


Cheers, MIKE

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