Area51 Project - Long's REV-XP Summit:


Machine Specs:


2009 Bombardier Summit 146

REV-XP Chassis

Rotax 600 H.O. E-TEC

Front: Dual 37" A-arm, Kayaba HPG Shocks

Curve XS Skis

Rear: SC-5M Skid, Kayaba HPG Shocks

Track: 146"x16"x2.25" Powder Max

Brembo Brakes

Low Gold Windshield

6" Riser Block

Bombardier Gas Caddy

Heated Bar Riser Bag, Windshield Bag

DynoPro Pipe, Jaws Can

Sportech Hand Guards

Knee Pads, and Deflectors

Hex Side Panel Vents

Grip-N-Rip Racing Front Braces

Tunnel Strengtheners and Braces

1+1 Seat Jack

RPM Composites Hood Vents


Sled Sold 2013


Earlier this season, Long got back into snowmobiling when he picked up an awesome 2009 MXZ-X 800 short track sled. After the annual trip to the west coast, he was looking to lengthen out the short track sled, when an opportunity arose to trade up to a factory Summit 146!


After much thought and negotiation he did the deal and picked up a 2009 REV XP Summit 146 with the 600 Ecotech engine. This engine is a twin cylinder 600cc fuel injected two stroke. It has computer controlled oil & fuel injection which helps this engine have the best fuel and oil consumption of most two stroke sleds on the market today.


This sled had been completely tricked out by the previous owner, and if you read the parts list above, I really don't think there is anything else you can buy to improve this sled!


Steve had an opportunity to ride the sled late winter 2012 and found it was over revving and not running smooth in its top end. Over the summer he replaced the spark plugs, fuel filters, and a couple sensors which fixed the high end stumble but the sled was still over revving. We found that the machine had not been re-clutched to match the Dynopro pipe. Rather then fool with trying to get it set up right, a stock pipe and muffler were installed which solved the problem right away.


Steve also decided to remove the purple-ish color wrap and leave the sled a nice clean yellow accented with the black honeycomb panel vents to match the black hood and console. 

With a new Garage in the works, Steve has since sold his Summit, but I predict it won't be long before he's back on the snow!


Cheers, MIKE

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