Area51 Project-Todd's 2010 REV XRS 800r:


Machine Specs:


2010 Bombardier MXZ X-RS

REV XP-RS Chassis

Rotax 800r Power T.E.K.

Front: Dual A-arm, KYB Pro 40r Shocks

Pilot 5.7 Skies

Rear: SC5 Skid, KYB Pro 40 Shocks

Track: 120"x15"x1.25"

Brembo Brakes (Stock)

5" Riser Block (stock)

Skidoo Hand Guards (stock)


Shockingly, sled sold 2013!


Mr. Todd has finally returned to the dark side in two big ways! Not only has he returned to snowmobiling after a 3 year hiatus riding his track equipped Yamaha ATV, but he's also returned to the realm of fine quality Bombardier snowmobiles! Todd picked up this mildly used sled from a dealer on the west coast earlier this winter (2012), and it is in great shape, so much so, you would hardly know it was used at all. This X-RS features the powerful 800r motor and all standard XRS features such as extra bracing throughout the sled, Fox Pro 40 shocks, and a color scheme specific to this model.



A slight mishap with a granite cliff bent an a-arm, but Todd was quickly back on the snow with new factory replacement parts. Amazingly nothing else was damaged, not even the s-module! The sled continued to run very well right until the day he sold it to purchase yet another toy.


Cheers, MIKE

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