Area51 Project - Bill's 2010 Nytro X-TX:


Machine Specs:


2010 Yamaha FX Nytro X-TX

Genesis 130FI - 1050cc 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke

Front: Double Wishbone - Piggyback GYTR Clicker Shocks

Upgraded Yamaha Tuner - Dual Runner Skis

Rear: Dual Shock CK 144 skid - Dual Clicker Shocks

144"x15"x1.75" Camoplast Backcountry Track

Mechanical Reverse

2" Riser Block

Tour Buddy Auxiliary Gas Tank kit

New Nytro Graphics kit

Machine Gun Front Bumper




Bill has owned many machines over the years, and was riding a 1997 Yamaha V-Max 700 when we started riding together many years ago. Shortly there after he traded up to his first 4 stroke Yamaha an RX-1. After many seasons and many miles riding the RX-1 Bill traded his machine in early 2011 on a new 2010 Yamaha Nytro X-TX. This sled like French's, features a 130 horse power, 1050cc 3 cylinder 4 stroke engine coupled to a 144x15x1.25" Camoplast Rip Saw track. The rear skid has a tipped up rail feature which translates into short track handling characteristics on hard pack, and the extra flotation of a long track in deep snow.


Bill has already started the modifications to his new ride with the installation of a new riser block for increased comfort for stand up riding. This was quickly followed by swapping the stock front bumper for a machine gun style Yamaha Accessory Bumper, and a set of Awesome Nytro Skull Graphics.


In 2012 he swapped out the stock skis for a set of new Yamaha Tuner skis which feature a dual keel and a myriad of carbide options to tune the sled to your riding style. This greatly reduced darting which has plagued these sleds since they were first introduced. This year Bill also added a Tour Buddy auxiliary fuel tank to increase his range, and a set of ice scratchers, for cold icy trail days.




2014 Update:

This year Bill made a few more improvements to his reliable Yamaha Nytro XTX. He gave the sled a full once over inspection and removed the rear skid for an inspection and track replacement. This year Bill replaced the stock 1.25" Ripsaw track with a new 1.75" Back Country for much better performance in deep snow conditions, especially handy for the annual week long west coast trips! This upgrade necessitated removing the stock aluminum heat exchanger protectors, new drivers, and while everything was apart he installed a new chain case top gear with once less tooth to retain performance with the taller profile track. Amazingly the sled required very little in the way of parts replacement even after inspecting all the bogy wheel bearings in the rear skid!


2016 Update:

This year Bill didn't have time to do a lot of riding mostly due to weather and partly due to not having it ready in time for the Annual Cabin Trip. However a week long trip to the west coast in March prompted a few nights work in the Garage. Modification wise it was a quiet year with Bill performing an annual maintenance including oil change, suspension lubrication and so on.


During his oil change, bill decided to do a full service draining the dry sump oil tank AND pulling the engine drain plug. The quick oil change only drains the oil reservoir, but draining the engine base separately Bill found it held nearly one cup of oil!


Also on the list was the installation of a brand new wrap, the old one was also a Yamaha factory accessory but didn't hold up well to Bill's close encounters of the tree branch kind. The new wrap is an updated design and includes extra pieces that the first kit did not.




The end result is a very nice looking product!


Bills 2010 Nytro continues to run strong, hook up great with the upgraded 1.75" track, and look awesome with last year's new graphics kit. Aside from normal maintenance of changing the oil, etc, Bill had one repair to make for this year's riding season, the replacemnt of the exhaust donut gaskets.


These gaskets are known to wear out after thousands of kilometres of riding and its important to check them as soon as you hear them rattling. You can see these are in hard shape particularly the left one.


New gaskets all in place, now the exhaust is properly sealed up and ready to ride.


Its quite a lot of disassembly as the tour buddy aux gas tank, exhaust coverings, seat and main gas tank all had to be removed to access the donut gaskets.


Re-assembly was the reverse of disassembly,  all in all a straight forward job.


Cheers, MIKE

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