April 9, 2021: First Ever Facebook Decal Draw (31 Photos)

This month I decided to run my first ever Shed-Headz decal draw on our Facebook Group. Our Facebook group is used for me to quickly share real time adventure and/or project updates and is a place for all members to easily share their own photos and chat in the comments.

I wanted to keep this draw simple asking members to post their favourite outdoor adventure or of your favourite rig/ride/machine, holiday, etc, no limitations. Participants could post as many pics as they wanted, all people that post a pic will have one entry into the draw for a custom cut vinyl decal pack. The contest ran for almost a week and gained over 38 replies which for a small group (by Facebook standards) was pretty darn amazing. For those of you who are not a member of our Facebook group, look it up by clicking the icon which can always be found near the top of the main title page.


Photo Credit: Michael Stroh

Stroh was the first to enter the contest before I even managed to get my own demo picture posted!



Photo Credit: Mike Smith

My first pic was of Dad and what used to be his 1989 Argo 6x6 which I found, re-purchased then restored during the summer of 2019. This pic was from our fall 2020 Moose hunt where we successfully filled his first set of Moose tags after a much too long hiatus from moose hunting.



Photo Credit: Andrew French

Andrew showing off his electric wheels which helped get him mobile again last year. I'm happy to report that he is continuing to recover very well and is looking forward to the 2021 Moose Hunting season.



Photo Credit: Mark French

Teach them while they're young and they'll never forget! Mark submitted a pic of his daughter Piper who like her dad, very much enjoys ice fishing despite cold winter weather!



Photo Credit: Nathan Moores

Next up was Nathan with "Pouch Cove's finest recovery rig" which was put into service after the snomageddon 2020 blizzard.



Photo Credit: Matt French

Matt French posted a pic of his 4 year old (at the time) daughter Charlotte driving his punt with a 100 year old make and break motor!



Photo Credit: Ron Power

Ron sent in a pic of two of his young fellers, A.J. giving a snowmobile ride to his younger brother Ashton this past winter.



Photo Credit: Ron Power

The Power family enjoying a day in the woods, campfire and all!



Photo Credit: Matt French

Matt tried to clinch the competition by sending in an awesome pic of yours truly cooking up my marinated moose concoction during one of our 2020 moose hunts this past fall.



Photo Credit: Sandra Ryan

Sandra got in on the action with a panoramic pic of her bingo cards which have now reached bingo level: Crazy Ol' Lady!



Photo Credit: Helen Scammell

Helen posted a pic of her man Rodney and my bro Steve Smith out on an ATV rip in Northern Alberta a few years ago!



Photo Credit: Michael Stroh

Another beautiful day on the trails for Michael Stroh and his daughter Makayla.



Photo Credit: Wes Tucker

This year Wes broke out the good ol' Elan for the first time in 18 years and headed into the shack for a rip!



Photo Credit: Rob Houston

Rob has been working hard on the restoration of his childhood '84 Honda 200m ATC and now has the bike back together and running! It's great to be able to pass on the awesomeness and experience of riding a true piece of history to the next generation!



Photo Credit: Ron Power

This year Ron's daughter Amber is upgrading to a larger dirt bike as she has outgrown her KTM. This is her brand new 2021 Yamaha YZ85.



Photo Credit: Mike Smith

Next up was my worst stuck photo which recently won me first prize in Ostacruiser's Facebook worst stuck photo contest earlier this year!



Photo Credit: Terry Slaney

Slaney Hooked up in Gander River silver bullet!



Photo Credit: Brad Janes

Janes sent in a pic of his beautiful 2018 Silverado Midnight Edition which currently holds the record as his favourite vehicle to date and the longest he's owned a vehicle to date!



Photo Credit: Devon Junior Dominix

Devon posted one of, if not his absolute personal best ice fishing brown trout. In either case it's a truly epic catch especially for Newfoundland Waters! If you haven't already, check out his outstanding Facebook group Newfoundland Hunting & Angling Junkies, as well as his awesome merchandise page HuntLife.ca to help support another amazing Newfoundland outdoor adventure group.



Photo Credit: Devon Junior Dominix



Photo Credit: Devon Junior Dominix



Photo Credit: Devon Junior Dominix



Photo Credit: Chris Slaney



Photo Credit: Lee Tremblett



Photo Credit: Sheldon Fahey



Photo Credit: Ken Hill

Ken sent in a pic of his wicked '52 M37 Power Wagon which he plans to get back out on the road in a few weeks.



Photo Credit: Rock Caderella Roy



The draw closed at 8pm local time on Friday. I created a table assigning numbers to each separate contestant based on the order they posted their first pic.



I used a true random number generator and after selecting the first winner I decided to double down, draw a 2nd winner and mail out two full prize packs one to each winner.



Rob Houston and Lee Tremblett were our lucky winners and were mailed their prize packs the following Monday. Congrats to our first ever winners who are some of the first to receive some of our upcoming new products which I hope to have for sale very soon. Thanks to everyone that took the time to post a pic and participate in the group which continues to become more and more awesome every day!


Cheers, MIKE

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