Area51-Rob's 1984 Honda 200m ATC Rebuild Project:

Submitted By: Rob Houston

Long time Shed-Headz crewmember Rob Houston sent me this article, which is one of his awesome projects to showcase on the site. This is his story:


This bike has been in my family since I was approximately 6 years old. From what I remember my uncle was the second owner as he purchased it from the original owner. My uncle is an avid hunter, fisherman and woodcutter. He hauled enough firewood with this thing to feed most east coast wood stoves...with enough left over to keep the heat in most sheds!




When I was around 10/11 years old a gentlemen moved in a few doors down from my parents home and was a USAF WWII vet. He was quite the character and even served when the American Red Clift Radar Station was operational. He was still in the US Air Force and was in Newfoundland when the Argentia Air Force base shut down back in 1994.



He was there as an advisor for the shut down and even had the opportunity to purchase a few items that went to auction. One of which was a 1991 Yamaha Big Bear ATV. Now, it may seem that I have trailed off on this story...but this 1991 Yamaha big bear was the reason why the 200M ended up in my hands.



My uncle was looking for something more stable and wanted the 4x4 option so he ended up purchasing the Yamaha, and selling the 200m to my father. We continued the tradition of hauling wood with the old work horse along with many a winter hauling a string of GT snow racers and all my friends in tow! When I decided to join the CAF the old girl still had her time in the woods, but didnít get much time out of second gear.



She sat around for the better part of 10+ years, at one point my father had considered selling the old girl. We were posted In Ontario from 2015 - 2018 and at the time we were close to being posted back to the east coast.



I kept telling my Dad to hold onto her and we got posted back to the coast in the summer of Aug 2019. I had many conversations with our good friend Rob Squires, and to my surprise (being the good man he is) arranged to have the old girl finally delivered to me here at our current home in Nova Scotia.



She's undergoing a full frame up restoration, and not a moment to soon. The frame was soft forward of the pegs and was only one good smack away from folding forward! Plans include a full seal and gasket kit for the engine, rebuild the carburetor, fresh steering stem bearings, and new CDI, starter coil, starting motor, pull cord rewind mechanism , cables, grips, & paint.



April 18-2020 Finally starting the project that I've been wanting to do since my teenage years. Getting the old girl all torn down.




























April 20-2020 Frame sandblasted. Next step for the frame is welding repairs, rust cut out and new tubing installed.

















April 21-2020 I still have to stand the frame up and paint bottom, it's a good job for spray can rust paint.
























Today I cleaned up the electrical harness, and pulled the forks and stem apart. Ordered bearings and paint for the front end. 









April 24-2020 I'm keeping the beauty marks (dents) on the tank as they add character! Every dent has a story!



























April 25-2020 Today I detailed the fenders and got more brackets & bolts cleaned & painted.









Wiring harness back on frame







































May 16-2020 Quick update, got parts from my good friend Terry Hicks at Honda One home on the Rock! Iím going to do a thorough timing set up on her and get the motor back in the bike come Sunday!









I was going to pop the engine in, and then said, ďit needs a touch upĒ reinstall later this evening or first thing tomorrow!


















May 21-2020 Finally lifting the bike off my work table with the tractor. Itís 95% complete, I have to put a carb kit into it, some front fork dust boots and hand grips! Tried staring it, the timing seems fine, think it is just the carb!











June 6-2020 Little Saturday afternoon carb surgery! Running today... I hope!!





Full stop, pulse generator spring broke!! FACK!!



Waiting on parts, meanwhile I deployed overseas for 191 days.



March 7-2021 Well after some help, my child hood 200m will live on and probably pass my time! I re-checked the timing and found that I had a ring gear flipped. Runs great now!



March 27-2021 Little afternoon exhaust project.





This Amazon exhaust is made for a Honda CRF 230F dirt bike. With a little chopping and welding, now fits a 1984 Honda 200M.













Bike is done (for now). I'm sure there will be things to pick and poke at on it, but most of the work is done. It looks great and runs great!


Cheers, ROB.

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