Sept 6, 2020 Torbay ATV Rip & New Axe Reveal (32 Photos)

Today I took advantage of an absolutely beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon to head out from the house on an ATV ride as they have been too few and far between this year.



This would also give me an opportunity to grab some nice photos of my new custom built Damascus steel axe made by Georgcraft in Conception Harbour, NL.



The skies were clear but the trails quite wet from recent rains which made for an excellent day on the bike.




I originally saw Georgcraft Axes posted by a member on the Wood Cutting Boys Facebook page and became immediately intrigued.



I contacted Mr. George through Facebook Messenger via his Georgecraft Woodworking Facebook page and he immediately responded to my queries. He has a buddy do the forge work while he makes and fits the handles and does all the leather work. This was a built to spec order and I was able to choose my axe head profile from a wide selection (they will also make it from a sketch or drawing), choose my handle style, length and stain and basic information for the custom leather sheath.



The work is absolutely outstanding, not only is it beautiful, its strong and functional too.



It's not an axe I plan to beat around the box on my bike, but for making splits or carrying in the woods in my knapsack, this unit will be for use not just show!




If you are interested in purchasing one of these or a similar axe or knives as well, look up Georgecraft Woodworking on Facebook and tell him Mike from Shed-Headz sent you. Just to be clear,  Mr. George and/or Georgecraft are NOT sponsors of me or the site, however I love to promote awesome local Newfoundland talent in any way I can.




For the last few rides I've still been getting some oil in my air box after I cleaned out the mess of engine oil in my airbox from my tangly April snow ride where the bike sat idling nearly on its side for awhile. Turns out there was still oil in my snorkel pipe which has a downward slope. Parking on this super steep hill while I had a coffee cleared out the rest of the fluid and the problem is finally fixed for good!






This section of trail is a little tangly, but new 27" Mud Lite XTR radials and my frond diff locker made it a breeze, project  Foreman simply crawls through this stuff with ease.


















All in all it was another beautiful day on the trails, I love being able to get out for a quick rip from the house, the same trails never seem to get boring.


Cheers, MIKE

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