Mike's Product Review:

Georgecraft Custom Axe

February 21, 2022

I first saw custom axes from a local shop Georgecraft Woodworking posted by owners on the local Woodcutting Boys Facebook page. Each one I saw was more beautiful than the last. I searched for and contacted Gerorgecraft via Facebook Messenger enquiring about purchasing an axe.



At the time he had none in stock so I placed a custom order, a process no more expensive than purchasing one in stock. I picked out my axe head shape and Mr. George sent the sketch to his blacksmith who forged the head using a beautiful and one of a kind Damascus pattern.



Walter George then custom fabricated the hardwood handle and set it into the axe head. The finish was Ebony at my request and made for a stunning finished product.







Georgecraft also performs final sharpening and fabricated  custom sheath to protect the sharp edge. All in all it was a fantastic buying experience and an absolutely beautiful one of a kind finished product that will be very well looked after!






Cheers, Mike

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