May 15-18, 2020 May Two-Four Long Weekend (27 Photos)


27.   May 2-4 Holiday weekend in many respects was not like anything seen before. With Covid-19 restrictions still in place we were really limited to social gatherings to a family bubble plus one additional family bubble. Cabin trips were out and all campsites and provincial parks were still closed. One thing that stayed true to form was the weather as Friday brought wet sloppy snow!




26.   Friday evening French wanted to borrow my new undercoating gun (review can be found under Shop Tools on the new Outdoor Lifestyle Product Review page) so he could under coat their family Jeep.



25.   The gun again worked fantastic applying a healthy dose of Pro Coat amber oil based undercoating.



24.   Saturday I spent cleaning up tools in the garage from working on a number of projects. I also reinstalled my freshly painted grey rims on project Argo.



23.   I gave 3 a quick coat last year and 3 more were new and black in colour. I also changed tire direction to that recommended by the manufacturer and set air pressure to lower trail riding friendly settings.



22.   With that out of the way I got my lime and fertilizer spread on the lawn as it was supposed to rain Sunday which would be perfect for washing in this lawn treatment.



21.   Saturday night Caesars!



20.   Sunday was spent housebound as it rained all day, but Monday weather mostly cleared so I loaded up Project Foreman for a trip out over the highway trouting.



19.   I headed to the new transmission line near Whitbourne hoping to avoid the masses of other trouters closer to town. There were still a lot of people in the woods here, but project Foreman would help whisk me far away from everyone else.






17.   I headed in the pole line towards Ocean Pond in search of a small gully Mark and I tried to get to this past winter in the Argo's.















12.   We couldn't find an ATV path in our travels last winter so I picked a spot and walked in. Finally alone I spent the next hour drowning worms successfully landing two small trout which I returned to the pond.






10.   This would be a great place to bring a small kayak to explore the rest of the gully.









7.   With not a lot of action on that gully I headed back the pole line to a closer gully that I had never fished before. I landed a nice healthy mud trout on the first cast so I was pretty stoked!









4.   This dandy was keeper #3 for the day!



3.   Sandra was cooking a Roast Beef dinner Sunday afternoon so I loaded up and was home by 7 for an epic Beef Tenderloin dinner with all the trimmings.



2.   Tuesday morning I fried up my catch and enjoyed an awesome breakfast of fresh trout and moose sausages!




Cheers, MIKE

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