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Magnum Undercoating Gun

Feb. 20, 2020

If you plan on keeping a vehicle for 5 or more years in Newfoundland you really need to invest in a regular schedule of vehicle rust proofing from year one repeating every year. I've been growing ever tired of spending upwards of $300 per year to have 2 vehicles undercoated with products that are sup par. Thinned out products work great inside door panels and crevices but wash off the under side of the vehicle quickly once winter hits.



This year I caved and picked up my own pro series undercoating gun from Automotive Supplies. There are lots of options on the market for these tools, I liked how this one has the undercoating wand separate from the canister to allow for tricky manoeuvres of the wand without fear of running short of product esp working upside down.



The wand has a quick change tip to swap from a straight wand to a bent wand, to a 360 degree flexible hose for undercoating inside surfaces of doors and rocker panels. The canister has its own easily adjustable air pressure regulator and an oil/product flow adjustment valve to control output, especially important when switching from a watery product for inside doors to a thicker product for underside/chassis.



Since both my vehicles were already previously coated by a local shop they already had the necessary holes and plastic plugs installed. If it's your first time this information can be Googled online and plugs purchased on EBay or Amazon. I also remove tail lights, headlights, grill and more to access as much of the vehicle as possible for an extra thorough undercoating job.



The products I chose were based on what has been previously used on my vehicles. First I chose red rust check for coating insides of the doors, rockers, fenders, tailgate, etc.



The 360 degree attachment works great as it fits inside spaces through a 3/8" hole and pairs perfectly with a thin product such as red Rust Check.



I picked up this kick ass 5 gallon bucket of ProForm oil based undercoating from Car Quest which has the consistency of mayonnaise or pudding. It does not trap moisture and never fully dries like their Wax based product that will cause more trouble than it solves. It also lasts a long time on the underside of the vehicle and frame compared to thin products that wash off. Its available in Amber or Black, I chose the later as it makes the frame and underside look like new!



Finally I use an aerosol can of Fluid Film anywhere near rubber seals or electrical connections as it does not warp, dry out or break down plastic or rubber.



Purchasing the equipment and undercoating product cost me about the same as one season of professional undercoating and I have enough product to coat my 2 vehicles for about 3 years. It's an easy investment if you don't mind a little time and getting dirty.


Cheers, Mike

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