February 9, 2020 Whitbourne Argo Ice Fishing Trip (22 Photos)


22.   Since our last Argo outing we had snow mixed with rain on Friday, then horrendous high winds on Saturday so French and I both decided to stay in town.



21.   However Sunday brought much better weather conditions and clear sunny skies so we headed back to Whitbourne to continue exploring new trouting ponds throughout High Waters.



20.   Today we decided to give the machines a really good workout off the beaten path exploring totally unused old side trails throughout the area. We took turns breaking trail riding over 4+ feet of snow having an awesome time!



19.   Both machines worked very well with neither of us getting stuck despite crossing a lot of tangly sections of trail. I should have brought my GoPro camera for this adventure.



18.   French's 2016 Argo Avenger works really really well in deep snow. It's bigger, on wider tracks, has more power and most importantly it has the newer Admiral transmission which in high range sends power to all 8 wheels 100% of the time even while steering. My older machine with the classic transmission skid steers and therefore has an open differential inside the trans. That being said both machines went everywhere together taking turns leading the way, but the new machines certainly do it with greater ease.



17.   Turning around a tracked Argo in deep snow is not hard if you take your time. Turning around in a small area applying turning input while making short runs forward and reverse will pack down the snow so you don't get stuck and also allows the rear of the tracks to easily swing around without getting hung up in deep snow, especially important in crusty snow.



16.   After trail riding we eventually found a new spot to plant a few ice fishing lines.






14.   Much the same as last time, French gathered firewood while I set out our ice fishing lines.



13.   It was cold today so French brought his YETI thermos full of hot water so we could make a quick coffee before lunch. His Sea to Summit X-Brew reusable coffee filter works great to make an amazing cup of coffee with ease.






11.   By and by we got our fire going same as last time to create a great bed of coals to cook on.












7.   French supplied lunch today with a pack of his homemade Honey Garlic moose sausages complete with buns. It was a nice, quick, fantastic lunch in the woods.






5.   With the sun setting and no trout in this location we started to pack up and head back to the truck.






3.   Since my machine was low on fuel we decided to gas up both right at the pumps at Monty's Place so we wouldn't have to fool around with gas cans on our next adventure.






1.   French's enclosed trailer is definitely the best way to transport Argo's especially with the convertible top installed. No salt or crap can get on the machines and the convertible top does not have to come off to fit a trailering cover like you would on an open deck trailer. (the tops are not highway wind rated) We had another fantastic day today. We really gave the machines a good workout, since we had two machines we tried a lot more trails and obstacles than we normally would attempt solo. Although we didn't catch any trout today sometimes knowing where the fish aren't is as important as learning where they are!


Cheers, MIKE

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