French's Product Review:

Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee Filter

Feb. 20, 2020

Like Mike's one time use Coghlan's Coffee Filters, this Sea to Summit X-Brew coffee filter is an awesome way to easily make a quality cup of coffee out in the woods.



This unit is made of silicone and has a washable re-useable filter screen. Its light weight and folds flat for easy storage and transportation.



To use you place about one heaping tablespoon of your favorite coffee grinds in the X-Brew, place the unit on your mug and slowly pour hot water over. You have to occasionally lift up the X-Brew as the mug fills as not to overflow.



We will often bring my YETI Insulated Bottle full of hot water to make a quick coffee when we get to our destination but long before we get a fire going.



The X-Brew works extremely well and should literally last forever with proper care.

Cheers, M.J. French

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