February 25, 2017 Highwaters Boil-up: (11 Photos)


11.   Having missed out on last Saturday's snowmobile rip French wanted to take full advantage of the beautiful sunny weather this weekend and get out for a day in the woods. Saturday would be the day of choice as Sundays weather forecast called for rain.



10.   Unfortunately most of the crew had other & unexpected obligations but French and Strowe loaded up the Argo and headed west to Whitbourne to plant some ice fishing lines and have a boil-up.



9.    The boys unloaded in Whitbourne then headed in the pole line towards Highwaters which is an area we frequent when at Sooley's cabin. Although Saturdays' weather was chilly, the previous day found the East Coast under unseasonably warm temps and rain.



8.    This meant that the ponds which were already heavily snow laden, were now covered in a heck of a lot of slush. This made for slow and at times tangly going in the Argo but they made it to their destination, a small gully in back of Highwaters.



7.    After planking a few lines they set about getting a fire going making use of French's new Husqvarna mini chainsaw.















2.   A gourmet boil up indeed, tea in the kettle paired with fried onions and canned moose with a Cesar Salad on the side, a meal fit for a king!



1.  As always the day comes to a close all to soon, as darkness fell the boys packed up and headed back to the truck having enjoyed an awesome escape from the daily grind.


Cheers, MIKE

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