French's Product Review:

Husqvarna T540XP Chainsaw

Feb. 20, 2020

I've been carrying my Husqvarna T540xp top handle chainsaw in my Argo Avenger for 3+ years now. It's a powerful 38cc 14" bar professional series arborist saw that is extremely reliable and easy to use.



Its compact size fits snugly inside this custom made box we built which holds the saw and other tools & accessories very secure in the back of my machine.





This 3/4" plywood box was painted with multiple coats of water based gloss black Tremclad paint and its held up near perfect for over 3 years now. Wicked fast drying paint for this kind of project!



This pro series saw also features Auto Tune which automatically compensates fuel mixture based on different fuels, altitude, temperature, humidity and even a clogged air filter to ensure smooth running and optimum performance.



Mini saws make trail work so much easier, faster, and safer wether removing a tree blocking the path or rapidly gathering firewood for a backwoods cookout.







The T540xp is a great saw, there are options out there from other big brand names and much cheaper options from China but the Husky is tried and true, with proper care and quality fuel it will provide reliable service for decades. Highly recommend!

Cheers, M.J. French

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