December 2016 Winter Storm Warnings: (13 Photos)



13.   As mentioned in my ATV run post Winter has been slow to arrive to the Avalon Peninsula this year. Mild temperatures were present throughout November and we were a week into December before the thermometer finally dropped so the ground could freeze.



12.   Once the temperature finally dropped we finally started seeing some accumulating snow. My Honda 9/28 was ready and rearing to go and made quick work of each storm.








8.   Some of the storms were accompanied by high winds which drifts the snow and keeps a lot of our long driveway clear of snow, this storm in the middle of the month had very little wind and packed the entire driveway full.


7.    One of the boys were out of town on the very week we had two significant storms so I lent a hand and cleared the driveway before it froze into one solid mass.




5.   Of course as is the norm on the east coast just as we get a great base, mother nature warms things up and dumped enough rain to make away with pretty well all of our snow.


4.   No worries, the following week we were dumped on again.




2.   Just in time for a white Christmas!


1.  At least we ended the year with snow on the ground, hopefully it stays cold and we get a good base to cover suspension bending rocks and stumps!


Cheers, MIKE

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