December 14, 2016 Torbay ATV Snow Run: (11 Photos)


11.   Winter has been really slow arriving again this year, with mild temperatures present throughout November the Shed-Headz Crew was happy to finally see temps south of freezing and some snow arrive mid December.


10.   Without enough snow to run the sled (without damaging something) I hopped on project Foreman and hit the trails near the house to enjoy the fresh fallen snow.


9.   Although temps have not been cold for long the ground is freezing up pretty good. Puddles with moving water weren't frozen but most others were solid which made for nice clean riding.


8.   The storm was accompanied by high winds so there were lots of drifts to try out, with enough speed even the 'ol Foreman (which even with a lift kit is pretty low compared to modern bikes) could bust the deep snow very well.


7.    With snow packed tight into the front end I'm glad I added a few drains to the floor of the Garage earlier this year!


6.   All trails were easily rideable, snow was deep in places but not enough to stop the bike.  I took my compact shovel just in case, if I had left it at home the bike would bury itself in a drift for sure!







3.   Earlier this week I finished the installation of my new LED light bar so I stayed out long enough to test it out. This is a section of trail lit with the stock triple headlights on my Foreman.


2.   And with the 12" LED bar, which is wired to the factory high beams via a 12v relay so no additional switches were needed. The light bar floods the trail with a great spread of light.


1.  All in all an excellent way to spend the afternoon!


Cheers, MIKE

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