January 10, 2010 Goulds Sled Rip: (6 Photos)


6.   Once again we have experienced a late start to winter at least in my opinion. When I first got my sled in 2003 it wasn't unusual to get out for an early ride sometime in December, but now we're a week into January before it was decent enough to go.


5.   I was very eager to try out project renegade having fixed a lot of items this past fall from last years breakdown.


4.   I swapped over a bunch of parts from a full donor sled including replacing the damaged chain case with a non reverse unit, replaced the defective primary clutch, swapped the 500cc motor for a 583cc with power valves, replaced a cracked suspension arm, along with other minor repairs.


3.   Sooley was also eager to try out his new 2009 Renegade 800r for the first time,


2.   so we met up with Todd and his track equipped Grizzly ATV for a quick shakedown run in the Goulds.



1.   We didn't go far due to the low snow conditions, but we managed to find enough snow in the fields to have some fun and see how our sleds were working. So far project renegade is working great, the new 583 engine is a huge improvement over the 500. Sooley's sled is working great, and although it will take him awhile to get used to it (coming from a PRS chassis Mach1) he certainly enjoys the power and comfort of a modern chassis. Todd's bike is awesome in the snow. I took it for a little test ride and found it amazing agile in deep snow.

Hopefully this winter shapes up soon so we can get some more seat time on the sleds.


Cheers, MIKE

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