Area51 Project - Sooley's 2009 Renegade:


Machine Specs:


2009 Skidoo Renegade 800r

REV-XP Chassis

Rotax 800r Power T.E.K.

Front: Dual A-arm, HPG Shocks

Pilot 5.7 Skis

Rear: SC5 Skid, HPG Shocks

Track: 137"x16"x1.75"

Brembo Brakes

8" Riser Block with RAM GPS Mount

Bombardier Gas Caddy

Bombardier Tunnel Bag

PowerMad Hand Guards/Rox Mounts

Tunnel Strengtheners

Dropped one Tooth Top Gear

Heavy Duty Rear Springs


Sled Sold 2013


As you may have read on other Area51 project pages, Sooley has had a couple close calls and has owned quite a few sleds over the last few years. In 2010 his dream of owning a modern sled finally came to fruition when a great deal on a one year old REV XP 800r Renegade came along.


The machine was delivered from Quebec in the middle of October and a very excited Sooley quickly got to work. 


The first improvement to the machine was the installation of an 8" riser block to replace the factory 4" piece, and this was followed with the installation of PowerMad Hand Guards with ROX Mounts.


Like many Quebec sleds this machine is in great shape, it has very low km's and not a mark anywhere to show that it had even been used!

With very little snow to ride on in 2010, Sooley spent some time working on his sled. That winter he installed tunnel strengthening braces, a bombardier tunnel bag, a bombardier gas caddy, and a new one tooth smaller top gear in the chain case. The bombardier tunnel bag is a nice piece. It folds so it can be used in conjunction with the gas caddy attached, or folded out twice its size when the gas caddy is not needed.


2011-12 Update:

This year Sooley began the season with the installation of Heavy Duty rear springs to help with the sit in height of the rear suspension. These springs work great when you area heavier than average, and the suspension will now work properly.


More repairs were required after Sooley hit a rock near his cabin in early February. This included the replacement of the S-module where the A-arms attach, one lower A-arm, and one upper A-arm. At the same time he installed new bushings in the A-arms. Over all this repair was not too difficult to complete, everything came apart well and was easily accessed with the skid plate, side panels and exhaust system removed. The factory fancy rivets that attach the S-module were cut out and replaced with appropriate sized grade 8 bolts, washers, compression nuts and red Locktite.

At the same time we noticed the QRS secondary clutch was not back shifting all the way. After removal and disassembly we found a damaged roller bushing inside the clutch. New parts were ordered, and installed with relative ease.


Cheers, MIKE

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