Feb 21, 2010 Sooley Cabin Ice Fishing: (13 Photos)


13.   Since my shock filled with water and froze solid Saturday, I really couldn't do another full day riding with the Southern Harbour Crew with no rear suspension. Instead I decided to leave my Sled home and head out with our crew to Sooley's Cabin for a day ice fishing. Sunday morning Sooley, Maffer, French and I headed out over the highway to Whitbourne. Sooley's day didn't start well as his sled would start, but was beeping in error like the electronic key wasn't working.


12.   When we arrived at the cabin Sooley, Maffer and I got the Sooley family Honda 300 4x4 and the old Enticer II running to take up to the top of the pond.


11.   French rode his Nytro and unloaded while we got ready to go. There was a few inches of slush on top of the ice which was about 12" thick, so travelling by ATV and old worn out sled was slow going.


10.   French's Nytro had no trouble powering through the slop and soon enough we had a few holes bored and lines set.






7.   By the way, if your looking for an awesome all round all season boot, Dunlop's Purofort Thermo+ Boots are simply awesome. The uppers are thin and they have a thick sole and you wouldn't think they would be very warm, but they are rated to -60F and I can tell you they work. Being a "rubber" boot, they kept my feet warm and dry all day even though it was chilly and the slush was deep on the ice.


6.   We had an awesome cook up in our fire pit clearing and even managed to catch a 1/2 dozen trout, which isn't bad for basically a half day trouting.










1.   All in all it was a pretty decent day, the skies were overcast but the weather was clear.


Cheers, MIKE

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