Area51 Project - French's Nytro XTX!!!


Machine Specs:


2009 Yamaha FX Nytro X-TX

Genesis 130FI - 1050cc 3 Cylinder 4 Stroke

Front: Double Wishbone - Piggyback GYTR Shocks

Upgraded Curve XS Skis

Rear: CK 144 skid - Clicker GYTR Shocks

144"x15"x1.25" Camoplast RipSaw Track

Studded Track

Stock Gearing, Mechanical Reverse

Fancy Billet Aluminum Idler Wheels

Extra Forward Idler Wheels

4th Rear Wheel Kit

Yamaha Removable Saddle Bags

Blue Skid plate & A-arm protectors

"Tour Buddy" auxiliary fuel tank kit

Yamaha Tunnel Strengthening Bars

4" Riser Block

Heavy Duty Rear Springs

Sledstart HID Headlight Upgrade


Sled Sold 2013



Having owned quite a selection of Yamaha snowmobiles in the previous 7 years, the arrival of fall 2009 found Mr. French picking up a new 2009 FX Nytro X-TX, the 144" track version of the Nytro FX series of sleds. For 2009 Yamaha made some significant improvements over the previous model year including better shocks and a stronger front frame. This particular model also has "tipped up rails". These rear suspension rails turn up 6 degrees where a 121" machine's track would end, meaning that on hard pack this long track machine has the same contact patch as a short track sled, and therefore has similar handling. In deep snow you still have the benefit from the flotation of the 144" footprint.


Since purchasing this sled, French has installed a turned exhaust tip, a "Tour Buddy" auxiliary fuel tank kit, fancy machined aluminum idler wheels, extra idler wheels on the front of the skid, a 4th wheel kit in the rear of the skid, tunnel strengtheners, removable Yamaha saddle bags, studs in the stock track, and a 4" riser block.

2011 Update: After much research French finally replaced the crappy stock skis with a pair of Curve XS skis to provide better deep snow flotation, less push on trails, and less darting. These skis have a nice wide keel, protected by a 6.9 Carbide and the optional carbide leading edge. This leading carbide block is designed to grove the snow and provide direction for the main carbide runner on rutted, hard packed trails to reduce darting.


2012 Update: This year is a pretty slow year as far as upgrades go, as French's sled continues to work well. A couple minor issues including a cracked off lower gear bolt in the chain case, and a defective starter relay were repaired by the dealer. At that time, French had a pair of Ice Scratchers installed, as well as a set of heavier duty rear springs which really helped with the rear suspension sit in. Later in the year we installed a Sledstart HID Headlight Upgrade Kit which made a world of difference in night time visibility.


Cheers, MIKE

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