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GSI Dualist Cooking Kit

February 20, 2020

I recently purchased this kit primarily to acquire a 2nd ISO Butane single burner stoves for cooking multi-part dishes in the woods. This kit included the GSI Pinnacle Stove and optional windscreen which makes the stove easier to use on windy days.



Outdoor Pros had this entire kit on sale so I pretty well received a bunch of extra outdoor cooking gear for little to no extra investment over what I would have paid for the stove & windscreen. The kit includes everything pictured above and it all stores away neatly inside the included rubberized black storage bag which doubles as a small camp sink.



The included aluminum pot has a great non-stick coating, folding handle and is a decent size for cooking a number of possible meals for a couple hands. The only item I added to this kit was a Primus fuel canister support stand which makes these stoves much more stable.



I've already tested out a lot of the dualist kit, particularly the Pinnacle Stove and pot. Both work extremely well, the non stick coating works and was a breeze to clean after cooking flavored rice.

Cheers, Mike

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