May 20, 2024

Well another May 24th holiday weekend has come and gone and it was unseasonably beautiful for the entire weekend! Cool but clear sunny skies, even the usual fog stayed away in most areas! You can check out my long weekend adventures on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



May 19, 2024

Dad and Iris are having a great time in Yellowknife visiting Steve, Kailee and little Benjamin!

Photo Credit: Steve Smith



May 15, 2024

Been quite busy lately on the T-Shirt press making a few shirts for friends and I for upcoming pool tournaments. Seriously considering adding some t-shirts to the merchandise page, the main Shed-Headz logo as seen above for sure, but I have some other fun designs/ideas too. Shoot me an email if you would be interested so I can gauge interest. Email

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



May 11, 2024

Last night we received our typical May 24th holiday weekend sloppy snow, only it's a week early!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



May 5, 2024

This spring Mark and Terry have been flat out working on their Gander River Boat Project. Earlier this year they picked up a mold for a 25' version of these sturdy and very unique craft. They spent a lot of time repairing imperfections before laying fiberglass for their first hull. The project is coming along extremely well, can't wait to see her on the water!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



May 1, 2024

Another major update completed, this time on the Newfoundland Grillers Smokers & Boil-Ups Guild Page (formerly know as Shed-Headz Grillmasters). Check it out as I have added over a year's worth of outdoor cooking and a bunch of new recipes that you're welcome to try and share!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



April 22, 2024

This week Dad and I took a ride into his backwoods camp to install a memorial for his late buddy Kevin King who passed away suddenly earlier this month. Kevin was a great buddy to dad and the Bay Roberts crew as they enjoyed countless trips in the woods on ATV, Side by Side and snowmobiles, and many more days Woking on projects in the shed. Kevin is greatly missed by all who knew him, rest in peace good buddy. Check out some additional pics on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Randy Smith

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