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September 24, 2019

When my brother Steve gets called out to work he never knows what each day will bring. Being away from his family and little Benjamin is hard but a trip in a fancy helicopter and spectacular views of the Northwest Territories certainly helps!

Photo Credit: Steve Smith



September 22, 2019

This past Sunday Mark French, Matthew French, Michael Stroh and I loaded up our two Argos for a run down the Southern Shore scouting for Moose. It was a beautiful day and both machines ran very well. We captured some great pics on our trail cams, picked some partridge berries and had an epic cook-up! Full story and pics can be found on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



September 20, 2019

Project Argo is finally complete (for now) with all major repairs I had planned complete. Its been a crazy busy summer getting the machine cleaned, running, floors replaced, electrical system completely re-wired, all new drive chains &  tensioners and finally new tires. Friday evening I took the machine on a 3-hour shakedown run leaving from my house and I'm pleased to say it ran very well and was a lot of fun to drive. Full story and pics can be found on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



September 19, 2019

Thursday afternoon I received a phone call from my gun club buddy Scottie Evans who was in serious need of help. Scott and his wife went in Northern Pond road scouting for moose and sunk their 2-up CF Moto ATV in a rather deep water hole well back in the woods. I loaded up project Foreman and headed in for a recovery armed with straps and enough tools to get his bike running again. It was quite an adventure, full story and pics can be found on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Scott Evans



September 16, 2019

While perusing the sales flyer from Princess Auto I came across this 5lb sausage stuffing machine on sale for less than half price. Matthew French has a larger one and said it made stuffing sausages much easier so I picked it up! Cant wait to run my next batch of moose sausage though it!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



September 10, 2019

While Sandra is away on training I do my best not to starve to death! LoL Tonight's menu consisted of awesome steak, stir-fry vegetables and a few french fries.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



September 9, 2019

With all new drive chains & tensioners installed I took project Argo out for a quick 1/2 hour ride to make sure everything was working well and to stretch the idler chains so I could set the final tension on them before putting the machine in service. I'm still running the old tires (with 2 flat center tires) but 6 new Duro 243's have been ordered and due to arrive next week! Full story and pics can be found on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



September 4, 2019

Project Argo is getting closer and closer to completion as I continue to work on replacing drive chains, tensioners and some wheel bearings. BDI sales has been fantastic in supplying parts including the drive chains, bearings and seals at a fraction of the price of other shops including the dealer. A build update will be published soon on the Projects in the Shed page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



August 31, 2019

Labor Day weekend is here and brings with it an unofficial end of the summer camping season. I took advantage of the great forecast Saturday and Sunday to get away for a night in my camping hammock. It was a great trip under sunny skies and warm temps which included an epic steak supper on my new Webber Charcoal grill. Full story and pics can be found on the Crew Adventures page.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



August 21, 2019

My trusty Silverado 2500HD still continues to get heavy tasks done this time moving a few thousand pounds of target load shotgun shells to temporary storage. This is in preparation for the 2019 Atlantic Trap Championships at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club coming up soon on Labor Day Weekend.

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



August 16, 2019

The clubhouse and grounds at the St. John's Rod and Gun Club are really looking great as a small but extremely dedicated group of volunteers have been working tirelessly to get everything done ahead of the Atlantic Trap Championships coming up at the end of the month. The to-do list continues to shrink as the crew get outdoor paintwork, patio repairs, grass cutting and many many other chores complete!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



August 10, 2019

My first attempt at cooking over Charcoal in a very long time was a great success. I emptied my backyard fire-pit, set out some real hardwood charcoal and used one of my camping grills to create a spectacular steak!

Photo Credit: Mike Smith



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