March 4, 2022: Storm and Torbay Argo Rip (13 Photos)

It's pretty incredible what a difference 24 hours can make. You think by now we would be used to rapid weather changes here in NL but most of us still find it pretty crazy going from bare ground one day to 20+cm snow the next!



Just yesterday Dad and I were on an ice fishing adventure on a barely frozen pond with pretty well no snow. Now just 24 hours later the ponds are no better (probably more dangerous given the snow load on thin ice) but we have about 20cm of fresh powder on the ground.





So far this winter I have postponed taking Project 6x6 (which is on tracks for the winter season) out for a snow rip fully expecting subsequent snowstorms to create great winter riding conditions. More over, snow deep enough to cover trail obstacles. This makes for a more enjoyable ride and less risk of damage to my low slung machine. Of course this was not the case this year as we rarely had back to back snowfalls, rather followed by torrential rains.



This afternoon with office work complete, driveway cleared, and sun shining I gassed up Project 6x6 and hit the trails in Torbay to get at least one decent snow run on the books for the season.



Trail conditions were decent, it's certainly no trouble getting around on ATV on decent tires but there was enough snow to keep my tracks happy.





I enjoyed a simple uncomplicated ride around the airport fence hitting up a few side trails here and there including the trail to Indian Meal Line.



Most large water holes were still frozen, but bogs were not. It was easy to see water weeping up into tracks left by the machine the bogs meaning there was no frost in the ground.









It wasn't a long ride but certainly enjoyable. Once again I made the most of another short weather window to enjoy winter activities that I look forward to every year!


Cheers, MIKE

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