March 3, 2022: Winter Trouting Trip with Dad (14 Photos)

The roller coaster of winter weather continues here on the east coast as temperatures dropped for about a week. It was not super cold but cold enough to freeze up a small number of ponds. The weather was chilly but absolutely beautiful this day with clear sunny skies, Spring is defiantly not far off.



Dad and I made an educated guess based on familiarization with one of our favourite ice fishing spots and headed back to Whitbourne in hopes of safe ice. The gamble paid off and we found just enough ice to walk out on and set a few lines. Ice measured 4-5" thick near shore and got thinner as we walked out towards the ominous dark area near the centre of the pond.





The lines furthest out seemed to fish the best, my jaw jerker rigs started catching trout almost immediately.



Fishing was a mix of a few keepers and lots of small fish which were released to grow bigger next year!





Lunch today consisted of my homemade Sweet Honey BBQ moose sausages and beans cooked on my MSR Superfly gas stove, while my Kelly Kettle boiled for fresh brewed coffee.







Instead of my usual disposable one cup pour over coffee filters, today I opted to bring along my GSI coffee press. This is press designed to drink out of, is very tidy, compact and easy to use.



As the day wore on, slush caused more and more water to rise on top of the ice, at one point the Jaw Jerker rigs nearly began to float!



All in all it was a great day on the pond. We managed a half dozen keeper trout which made for a meal each for Dad and I.





A day on the pond is not just about the catch but the opportunity to spend quality time with people that matter the most in life. These trips have been few and far between this year due to the weather, but Dad and I are glad we made the most of a couple short weather windows to get out in the country together and enjoy a sport we both love so dearly.


Cheers, MIKE

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