November 9, 2021: Bay Roberts ATV Ride and Boil-up (22 Photos)


Today I took advantage of a rare beautiful sunny day and headed to Bay Roberts for an ATV ride with Dad. He had lent me his new enclosed trailer all summer and was now ready to take it on a trip to Indian Bay, so loading up Project Foreman for an ATV ride & a trailer delivery was a double bonus!



We left Bay Roberts taking the old railway right-of-way to County Road. Dad was leading the way so I don't remember the route names and trails, but it was a truly wonderful run. Temperatures were brisk but really not bad for November in Newfoundland.



Dad's 2015 Can Am Outlander 650 continues to run very well. Other than a defective cooling fan and worn out rear U-joints in the driveshaft, the bike has only required regular maintenance even with quite a few miles logged on the clock.







Our destination for a boil-up was alongside Gander Pond which was absolutely beautiful.







We gathered up some dead firewood, quickly got a small campfire burning and the kettle on to boil.





On the menu today was Iris's leftover goulash which was easier to slowly heat on dad's propane burner. As usual it was absolutely delicious especially when paired with a hot cup of tea.



Dad picked up this battery operated Shihl chainsaw last summer, and its become an invaluable and very easy to use tool on the bike, snowmobile or side by side. He especially likes it because the battery lasts all day and there is no fooling around with fuel & carburetors.













Later in the afternoon we popped into a local cabin for a sit down and rest and left our mark in the guestbook.





Our final spot was alongside a beautiful gully. Trouting season is currently closed but it looks like a great spot to try this winter!





It got quite cold on our way back to town especially as the sun went down. Thankfully good outerwear and heated handgrips & thumb warmers on both bikes made for a comfortable ride! A great end to a truly enjoyable day.


Cheers, MIKE

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