September 14, 2021: Andrew's Moose Hunt (19 Photos)


Although the start of the 2021 Moose Hunting season was delayed for some of us by Hurricane Larry and its aftermath, the crew set to work the following week getting a start on the season. Monday morning Bassan, Peter and I headed down the Southern Shore for a crack at filling Peter's tags (without success). Tuesday morning Mark, Matthew and Andrew headed down to try and fill Andrews tags after an unsuccessful attempt in high winds Saturday afternoon.



Andrew missed out on last year's hunt due to a motorcycle accident, but now healed he was super stoked to be in the woods for this years adventures!



Not long after daybreak Andrew and Matthew spotted this dandy bull crossing the pole line not far from their vantage point. Andrew made 2 quick reports from Matthew's Browning BAR 7mm striking the animal but not knocking it over.



This was one of the very few animals frequenting our game camera this year, shown here the previous week still in full velvet.



Mark who was holding a Not For Profit license was stationed right in the area the wounded bull was headed, he found the bull and made the final ethical shot, a true team effort!









The boys got to work dressing the animal then halving it for transport back to the truck in the Argo.



On the way back to the truck the boys were even stopped by game wardens who inspected the operation and passed it with flying colours.







They hung the moose in Harry's garage in Portugal Cove and quickly got it skinned, quartered and washed down. They uses a mix of vinegar & water with microfiber towels which do an outstanding job removing fur from the meat with minimal effort.





Next the quarters were covered in cheese cloth and loaded aboard the truck for transportation to the meat cooler at Mark's office. We had this unit on site last year here at Harry's but this year left it in town for convenience.









The quarters were hung in cooled comfort awaiting processing the following week. Congrats to Andrew and crew on an awesome and successful hunt. I wish I cold have been there but post hurricane work commitments fooled up my plans.


Cheers, MIKE

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