Fall 2021 Moose Game Camera Pics  (39 Photos)


In August Mark French and I headed down the Southern Shore under sunny skies to set out a few game cameras in preparation for our annual Moose Hunt. This year Andrew French and Peter Bassan both have either sex licenses to fill and we've found the information gathered from game cameras invaluable.



This is our second season with cellular game cameras in our arsenal, French and I both added one more Spypoint Link Micro each to our inventories. The units are compact and great on batteries if you use a quality product such as Energizer Ultimate Lithium. Cheap batteries wear out in about 40 days, lithium's have so far lasted over a year and are still showing 100%. They are also great for security overlooking a parked truck or ATV in the woods, a campsite or cabin as well.



We also have a couple Spypoint Cell Link's which upgrade any existing standard camera such as these Stealth Cam units to a cellular trail cam. Monthly fees on Spypoint units are free for up to 100 pics per month, which we have found with proper camera placement and setup to be plenty. If a camera gets busy you can upgrade the plan at anytime via the App for $5-$15 per month. #notasponsor





On the way back to town we spotted this beautiful cow on the side of the road, which is being illuminated by one of our new epic Marauder 2 flashlights from Olight. #notasponsor



Moose definitely are not afraid of scent on the ground as the next set of pics were logged on one of my oldest cameras not an hour after I set it out!







These were some of the most beautiful Black & White night-time pics to date and were captured on a 15 year old camera!









Here there are at least three separate animals in frame.

















Not every false photo is an empty frame, small animals such as this bird will trigger the camera if its close enough.









Andrew's new cellular cam sent a stunning series of pics early one morning concluding with two bulls locking antlers!







Coyote on the prowl.



There's always one in every group of buddies!









My most epic game cam pic ever came through on my Spypoint app one evening in late September, one I like to call the money shot! Some comments on our Facebook page included "trail-cam tinder", "incoming moose meat baby", "who's your daddy", and "young love". LoL





Sometimes false pics are wasps in stund mode as cooler weather sets in.





In late November French and I headed back down the shore one final time to take out the cameras. Activity in our hunting area drops off rapidly in November as the rut ends and animals tend to hunker down in deep woods in preparation for winter.





All in all it was another epic year for the trail cams, we didn't get the quantity of pics of other years, but the quality is way up there with the money shot pic and bulls locking antlers. Cant wait for next year!


Cheers, MIKE

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