May 15, 2021: Argo Summer Mode and Rip (11 Photos)


With winter long over, it was finally time to get Project 6x6 summerized by removing winter accessories including the convertible top, windshield and snow tracks.



Many Argo owners leave the windshields on, I like to take it off as I never use it in the summer. It's in the way of trail obstacles when folded up, in the way of the engine compartment when down, it traps more heat in the engine compartment and there's a greater and unnecessary chance of breaking the glass.



When removing the snow tracks I always remove one of the pins joining the half segments as they are easy to find and don't seize in place after just one winter's use.



A couple of old ratchet straps hold the rolled up tracks tight making them much easier to move and store!





With the chains and outer bearings freshly greased I decided to take the Argo for a quick rip on the trails in Torbay leaving from the house. Everything is a lot drier now than my last trip out on Project Foreman a month ago, I found the trails in a normal state of mud and water and no longer flooded.





Project 6x6 continues to run absolutely awesome. No weird noises and the engine runs smooth as butter.





Even the steep hill on the pole line was tackled with ease.



All in all a successful adventure!


Cheers, MIKE

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Copyright 2011 Michael Smith