March 2, 2021: Storm and Torbay Snowmobile Rip (14 Photos)

Although winter was very late arriving this year, it actually shaped up to be another decent riding season. Not as crazy as last year but respectable all the same.



On Sunday we received another 20cm snow which was followed by high winds and snow squalls into Monday.



Monday morning the driveway was half drifted in once again!



Tuesday brought another 15cm of fresh snow in a storm that petered out and cleared off beautifully mid afternoon.





With my driveway clearing complete for the third day in a row and our road not yet plowed I decided to take Project REV out for my first ever Torbay snowmobile rip.



Crazy to think that I've been here 6 years and often take the bike or Argo but hadn't explored the area on Sled.



Snow conditions were excellent with lots of deep drifted snow all along the open areas near the airport fence. I got to break trail all the way to the gravel pit which was fun and no stucks!



I did manage to sink the sled on the sharp turn after the gravel pit as snow was deep and I couldn't maintain speed due to the fence and tree line. A quick bit of digging and lifting the rear end over had the machine out in no time.






A few days of storms cleared of beautifully and sets us up well for a weekend of adventures!


Cheers, MIKE

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