July 16, 2021: Torbay ATV Run (19 Photos)

It seemed like it had been quite awhile since my last ATV or Argo outing, according to my list of crew adventures here on Shed-Headz I was quite right! Its been a super busy summer with work finally picking up due to Covid restrictions loosening, and learning to fly fish has taken up an incredible but highly rewarding amount of time.



So today I decided to take advantage of a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon and some downtime, to blow the dust off Project Foreman and hit the trails here in Torbay. With salmon river levels very low this year I wasn't shocked to see the trails in our local area drier than I can ever remember.







Even this brook on the pole line was quite low.



A stark contrast to this photo of the same brook taken a few months ago (reverse direction).



I made my usual loops near Indian Meal Line, then back through Forest Landing looping around Western Island pond back to the airport fence.













I headed back along the fence, crossed RCAF Road and rode towards Hebron Way.



This is a popular route for groups of riders headed towards Wing-N-It.











All in all an uncomplicated yet awesome way to spend the afternoon.


Cheers, MIKE

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