July-August, 2021: Now I'm a Full On Fly Fisherman (16 Photos)


With a successful Lomond trip under my belt I was eager to continue fly fishing whether in search of salmon or trout. On July 2nd Bassan and I headed down to the SE Placentia which was still open for morning fishing only.



Beaver falls is beautiful but produced no fish today.



The following day I headed out over the highway to do some Trouting along the new power line road.





This time I hit up another new to me area, fishing a number of gullies all along the road.







Trout weren't super plentiful but I managed to hook a half dozen pan size trout.



On July 9th French and I headed down to the flats of the Salmonier River for the evening. We started down by the old bridge but moved up river when the tide came in.







I found a couple nice areas to fish, and there were a few jumping but none took any of the flies I presented.





On July 23rd Mark, Terry and I headed to the Gander River for a few days salmon fishing. Check out the Full storey here.



After a great trip to Gander, on July 29th Mark, Terry, Greg, Adam and I met on the Colinet River for an evening Salmon fishing. Terry and I headed up river while the rest of the crew stayed closer to the salt water. I had one fish flash, and Terry briefly hooked it when he tried the pool.



On August 9th Mark finally tagged his first Salmon of the season on the North Harbour River. It was a long time coming but a well deserved catch!

August got real busy with projects around the house, at the gun club, then preparing for moose hunting season. Moose hunting opens early now on the east coast which means we are walking the woods and setting up a few game cameras even earlier so I didn't get out fishing anymore. I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to fly fishing, I never even picked up my trusty spin cast rod all summer. I already look forward to next year!


Cheers, MIKE

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