January 4, 2021: Torbay-1st ATV Snow Rip of the Year (17 Photos)


This afternoon I decided once again to hit the trails in Torbay this time to take advantage of another short lived snowfall here on the East Coast. Our only other significant snowfall a couple weeks ago was melted by heavy rain long before I got a chance to get out on  the trails. This small 10cm flurry also long since melted by the time this story has been published, a sad start to the 2020-2021 winter season!



Without any frost in the ground nothing is frozen, the 3/4" of ice in most puddles turns to ice cubes as soon as the wheels of the bike touches it making for a wet muddy ride.




The snow however still made for a lot of fun trail riding as it added a nice slippery factor to the ride. It was even deep in some places along the roads crossing farmers fields near Indian Meal Line and Windsor Heights.









Winter riding is still one of my most favourite times of year to hit the trails. If we can get some cold weather to freeze things up it will make for a great winter riding season.






Even though conditions were not ideal it was still an excellent albeit quick ride.





So ends another small ATV adventure which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love winter activities, and although weather has so far not been too cooperative we can make the best of what mother nature hands out and get out in the woods anyway!


Cheers, MIKE

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