January 23, 2021: Torbay-Post Blizzard Argo 6x6 Run (17 Photos)


After a successful quick shake down run yesterday I  decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and rare (for 2021-so far) awesome snow conditions and head out from the house on a tracked Argo snow adventure.



Since yesterday snow conditions remained much the same, only now there have been a few snowmobiles and ATVs on the trails to help pack them down nicely. Even still the Argo is so wide I often found myself breaking trail, all and all between sleds and the Argo our trails are getting groomed nicely!



Near the pole line I decided to take a detour and break trail on an unused side trail. This path is quite narrow, made worse from snow weighing down tree branches. This meant a lot of snow falling down on the machine and putting my new windshield wiper to good use.



In hindsight I should have installed the driver door panel (which I normally leave off as it gets quite warm inside) which would have helped keep out a lot of snow and tree branches on this very tight trail!



I emerged from the super narrow path unscathed, but undoubtedly a wider machine simply wont fit down that particular trail without trail modifications! As it was, I was glad to have my mini chainsaw with me to take care of a couple leaning trees that would have taken out the windshield and/or canopy.




As mentioned in yesterday's adventure, ponds and trail puddles are not frozen very well. Most machines easily break though which unfortunately makes for a dirty winter ride. Normally trails are well frozen this time of year which makes for a clean, dry, more enjoyable ride, especially on snowmobile.




Argo's may be slow, but in these conditions it's hard to beat them as you stay warm and dry inside regardless of the conditions!







Back on the airport fence trail I continued on towards a path leading to Indian Meal line before taking a quick snack break and heading back towards the house.




In an Argo, if there's no trail, just make one!



The ride back to the house was significantly quicker as I had the trail packed down Argo-wide so I could easily run in high gear and get a good run in. Project Argo continues to run well and is all ready for winter ice fishing which opens up in a couple weeks.


Cheers, MIKE

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