December 19, 2021: Torbay Icy ATV Rip (7 Photos)


We've had a bit of a strange winter so far, I mean it's not unusual to have mild weather and no snow through November and December here on the east coast. But we've had cold weather, one Snowblower worthy snowfall and a bunch more cold weather, however the trend keeps getting interrupted by torrential rain!



So the snowfall from last week is mostly gone, but its been good and cold so I decided to hit the trails in Torbay to check conditions.





Most trails were well frozen, the crusty snow provided lots of traction, bare ice was not common today which was great as I'm not running studded tires today. Water holes, even large ones were frozen enough to hold the bike, as expected places with moving water were open, a promising sign of winter to come!





My biggest surprise came when I found the bogs were completely frozen and easily supporting the bike! This is great news as a frozen wetland can be legally crossed by ATV, this makes for much quicker and cleaner exploring when searching new hunting ground or trouting spots.



It wasn't a long run today but it was certainly great to get out for a few hours on the bike!


Cheers, MIKE

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