September 9, 2021: SJRGC Berry Picking-Argo Run (12 Photos)


A few weeks ago while doing some work at the gun club, I took a run in the pole line and was surprised to see such an abundance of blueberries this year! Dad and Iris wanted to get together and pick some so we came up with a plan to leave from the club and have a day on the berry hills.



Dad had his Can Am ATV in for service that day, but his neighbour Kevin graciously loaned him his new Honda Pioneer 700 side by side for the trip.







Berries this year were bigger and much more plentiful than last year.








Of course you can't have a day in the country without a cook-up!





I brought my cooking gear while dad brought bologna, beans and some of his freshly made moose sausages.





Sandra surprisingly really enjoyed running Project 6x6 all day. She was a fast learner and did a great job traversing trail obstacles as this 30 year old machine is a lot different than operating an ATV or side by side.





The weather got quite hot in the afternoon, Dad had an appointment in town that evening so we called it a day around 3pm. It was a very successful and enjoyable day with quite a few gallons of blueberries ready for baking!


Cheers, MIKE

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