August 24, 2021: Bay Roberts Sausage Making (13 Photos)


After patiently waiting almost a year since harvesting his moose, I finally got the chance this week to bring my sausage making equipment out to Bay Roberts to make moose sausages for Dad.



I picked up some seasoning kits earlier this year at Outdoor Pros including mild italian, wild game and honey garlic, as well as some 19mm sausage casings. I did some taste tests of these kits along with my own custom mixes earlier this year and these passed inspection for all parties.



We had a little over 50lbs total of meat on hand (which was already ground last fall), 12lbs of which was lean ground pork from Costco. Dad had everything thawed before I arrived.



I weighed the meat, then weighed out the appropriate amount of seasoning according to the recipe printed on the bag.



Then I added only 3/4 of the amount of seasoning recommended, mixed and did a taste test. This as I've found from previous experience was a much nicer ratio of seasoning to meat and was not too salty.



By this time a couple of Dad's buddies arrived to lend a hand with the production line. Kevin (pictured) and Don were both a great help to get this order of three different flavours complete.



We loaded up my 5lb stainless sausage stuffer, slid on the casings and set to work. I ran the machine, Kevin and Don cut the links while dad bagged and vacuum sealed them in 1lb units.



I didn't get a chance to take a lot of pics throughout the night, some of these pics are from other sausage making episodes to help explain this story. In any case we came out with about 56 1lb bags of moose sausages which should keep dad going on ATV & Snowmobile trip cook-ups for quite awhile. The packages were kept refrigerated for 24 hours to set the flavours then placed in the freezer for storage.



I stayed overnight down at the Bay House in French's Cove. I had been out earlier in the year to help start turning this room from a home office back into a bedroom.



Dad had some great help from friends and family to see this project through to completion and it looks great!



Just a few pics of Iris's walkway we hope to take up and re-pour with concrete later this fall.





Finally before heading on to my service appointments I gave dad a hand to replace his defective fish finder/depth sounder in the boat. The wire chase I installed last year made running the new cables a breeze. I also waterproofed the hardware holding a new grab handle and fire extinguisher he installed earlier this year. All in all another awesome outing!


Cheers, MIKE

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