August 19, 2021: First ATV Rip with Janes (15 Photos)


Earlier this month crew member Brad Janes finally picked up his first ATV, a brand new 2022 Honda Rubicon deluxe. This is a 520cc 4x4 machine with Hondas 5 speed DCT transmission (which is a dual clutch auto shifting gearbox), a stout unit.



He had his name on a number of waitlists due to supply shortages of new ATV's with the ongoing global pandemic. Honda Town was the first to call saying they have a unit in stock and gave him a great deal.



The deluxe units include matte finished plastics, special graphics, upgraded tires, beautiful aluminum rims, 4 wheel independent suspension, power steering and a front differential locker. Brad also added a warn VRX series winch, Honda heated grips and a rear cargo box.





Before heading out on our first rip we hauled the bike into my garage for an additional Shed-Headz Area51 PDI. This included removing all four wheels to anti-seize the hub surface, wheel studs and axle nuts, and to apply fluid film to the frame & electrical grounds. This will prevent troubles that could pop up with long term ownership.



With the PDI complete we hit the trails of Torbay leaving directly from my house.







We didn't get too tangly today as it was a shakedown run for both the new machine and rider!













All in all an awesome day on the trails and the start of many more adventures!


Cheers, MIKE

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