August 16, 2021: Gun Club Work & Argo Rip (8 Photos)


This week work continues at the gun club as a small but dedicated group of volunteers are working hard to replace concrete walkways on two of our Trap Shooting ranges.



Bassan and Coldwell would be heading up after work, I headed up a little early to cut the grass which needed desperately to be done. This was my first time towing dad's enclosed trailer which has been very handy for storing the Argo and Lawn tractor all summer. Even with 28 outside temps my trusty Silverado HD handled it with ease and no over heating issues. 



With the grass complete and no sign of the boys yet I fired up project 6x6 for a quick rip up the pole line scouting blueberries for a possible future adventure.



This 30+ year old machine which hasn't ran in a few months fired right up and ran great all afternoon.







By now the boys had arrived so we set to work cutting, laying and tying steel reinforcing mesh and rebar for upcoming concrete pour.



We just finished up when it started to peck rain at the club. We were very surprised to drive into heavy rain at the top of Holyrood hill on the drive home! Apparently a major rainstorm just missed us at the gun club. All in all a great day getting some work done and having a little fun as well.


Cheers, MIKE

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