Fall 2020 Moose Game Camera Pics  (90 Photos)

Last year was our first time putting out game cameras to let us know if there were moose in out hunting area or were we just chasing ghosts and positive thoughts. It turned out to work extremely well especially as a confidence booster to show ourselves we're not crazy! LoL



So where is the best place to put a game camera? Ideally where the moose are and people are not which means you look for tell tale signs of both activities and judge accordingly.



This year we added some new cameras to our arsenal including some Spypoint Link Micro Cellular cameras which send pics directly to your smart phone as they are taken.



The units are compact and great on batteries if you use a quality battery such as Energizer lithium. I ate a set of cheap batteries in about 40 days, I've had lithium's in now for over 4 months and they still show 100%





We supplemented our Cellular cameras with our stock of traditional game cameras to capture quite a few different areas this year.





It wasn't long before we started getting pictures!



















This year I also tried out the Spypoint Cell Link which is a module that turns any trail camera using standard size SD memory cards into a cellular camera. This is a great unit if you already have a decent camera, if you dont the Link Micro is a better value and the Micro also lets you program camera settings remotely.



The night French walked into a bog hole...enough said LoL.




It was a long ride home....for all of us LoL










These next few shots over the span is a real neat capture! 'Ol creepy bull stalking in the background!
















On the same night this cow hung out in front of my camera for a bit before lying down right in front of it.







Too bad the lens fogged over but you can just catch the shot of her moving on with her day a couple hours later.




All those moose on the move that morning and when we arrived that evening to check the cameras we didn't see a thing. That's the luck part of spotting/hunting.






Moose Hunting opening day!
















Sometimes its not only moose triggering the camera, this day it was a pair of eagles!
















As you can see, as the season wears on moose become less and less frequent, partly as some are harvested but also because I believe after the rut they retreat into harder to reach country where they know they are safe for the winter. The game cameras have been a ball to run again this year, and we captured some real amazing pics.


Cheers, MIKE

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