March 26, 2020 Evening Argo Rip and Ice Fishing (9 Photos)

11.   French got off work a little early today so we decided to take advantage of the much longer late winter evenings and have a quick, close to home Argo ride and possibly plant a few ice fishing lines along the way. We weren't going far so we both jumped in Mark's '16 Argo Avenger 8x8 and headed in behind the town hall in St. Phillip's.



10.   Heading in Rainbow Gully Road we hooked a left at the water pump station and headed in country as far as Moriarty's Pond. Trails were tight for the Argo in places especially since we were riding on 4-5 feet of snow, but we arrived at our destination unscathed.



9.   It was a nice crisp evening, snow conditions were still prime and ice was the full length of French's auger.









6.   It wasn't long before we had our first trout caught on one of my recently re-rigged Outdoor Pros ice fishing lines. My new lines are now outfitted with better quality black ice fishing line and a simple worm hook with no spinner or swivel.












2.   Instead of boiling the kettle French instead brought a thermos of hot coffee which was a welcome treat on this chilly evening!



1.   Although trout weren't plentiful it was still a great way to pass away a few hours with great company and an excellent relaxing adventure.

Cheers, MIKE

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