March 13, 2020 Argo Ice Fishing in Salmonier (27 Photos)


27.   In between Snow Storms & Rain Storms we've been having some pretty nice weather lately. Friday French and I took advantage of another beautiful sunny day to spend a day up in the woods. With all the Covid-19 Virus craziness in the city it was great to get clear of it all!



26.   The day started out with a light maintenance on our two Argos as we've racked up a nice few hours since winter began. Tire pressures were checked and adjusted as its critical for keeping the tracks tensioned correctly. Too loose and tires spin inside the tracks, too tight and you can easily damage axels, bearings and even bend the frame!



25.   Today we explored new (to us & the Argos) territory in the area of Salmonier.






23.   We headed East on the transmission line stopping briefly at the St. John's Rod & Gun Club for a unique pic. before heading back West to the new Mining Road.






21.   We ran in the new mining road which was in absolutely prime condition for riding (as was the transmission line for that matter).



20.   The road forks after the bridge we took the left fork then headed in country to try our luck ice fishing on a couple gullies.






18.   With our lines set French broke out his hot water thermos and X-brew and poured up a couple cups of coffee.









15.   The weather Friday was absolutely amazing. Just below zero but it didn't feel it with the sun and absolutely no wind.



14.   However I just picked up this Rapala Ice Fishing Shelter off NL Classifieds for way less than half price and I wanted to set it up. I believe the guy when he said it was never used, its in perfect condition! It sets up in a minute and will be handy on windy or even light snowy days whether ice fishing or cooking lunch on our gas stoves. It has great ventilation and you can also remove up to four windows if necessary, especially while cooking.



13.   With no luck on the gullies we headed over to Old Sea. This was our first time wetting a line on Old Sea so we hazard a guess, picked a spot on this huge pond and drilled some holes.



12.   Travelling this week has been fantastic in our tracked Argo's. With rain & cold temps the snow is pretty solid. Its like pavement on well travelled trails, off trail you wont get anywhere on tires, tracks are a must, but on tracks you can go anywhere with ease. It's perfect conditions for exploring and finding new locations. In saying that we also haven't had any trouble all winter, but conditions are prime for tackling more complicated obstacles.



11.   I also got to try out my new Council Tools double bit saddle axe (watch for a review soon on the new Outdoor Lifestyle Section of this site). This axe is amazing, it fits easily in my knapsack, has a nice weight (2.5lbs) and an awesome feel. You can easily take down small trees, I use it primarily for gathering kindling for cook-out fires. It's pretty & functional!



10.   On the shores of Old Sea there was no shortage of super dry dead firewood. We took down one green tree to buck up forming a base right on the ice. With lots of well dead very dry kindling on hand we didn't even need a fire starter stick!



9.   It's too bad the forecast for Saturday was so poor (very high winds & 10mm rain) it would have been a beautiful night in a tent!









6.   For supper French sliced and fried Fresh Fish White Puddings made from our own cod fish at Porter's in CBS. The main meal was our own Oktoberfest Moose Sausages, buns and all the toppings.






4.   All coffee'd out we put the Kelly Kettle on and had Tea for a change. The Kelly Kettle works great on an open fire provided your careful of the wooden handle not burning and you have a couple sturdy logs to rest it on. I place a bunch of kindling down the chimney opening and it boils in just under 3 minutes.







1.   Not wanting to waste a moment of this awesome weather we stayed until well after dark before loading up and heading back to the truck. It was another absolutely awesome day in the woods, it was great to start exploring some new country in search of the elusive honey hole trouting spot!

Cheers, MIKE

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