January 5-6, 2020 Blizzard Warning (21 Photos)


21.   After suffering through very disappointing snow accumulation last year (one blizzard in early January, followed by a warm spell to melt it all and super freezing cold temperatures with no snow for the remainder of the year) I was hopeful that 2020 would be much different. The season started off well with a 20cm dump Christmas Eve, and now a 45cm dump and Blizzard Warning forecast to start later today into tomorrow.




20.   Snow began around 3pm and got heavier and heavier as the evening progressed.




19.   Mark French picked me up suppertime as he needed a hand at his brother's garage, Canada Car Care in Mount Pearl.




18.   Justin recently got a new shop truck, a 2019 GMC 2500HD Duramax which just had his snow plow installed this week. With the Blizzard underway we had to get the Amber plow light installed and working for him to be able to legally and safely complete his snow clearing.








16.   While French installed the back rack, I tackled the wiring connecting the light to the factory plow light switch in the overhead console. Meanwhile Justin and Stroh got the OEM summer tires swapped for his steel wheels and snow tires.




15.   It was late but we got the job done as the storm raged outside.












12.   Of course we stopped for a quick coffee on the way home!



11.   The next day was calm and daylight revealed a landscape of 45cm fresh fallen wind driven snow.



10.   I'm so glad I got out yesterday for an ATV ride as the trails will be impassable without tracks for awhile now!







7.   My trusty Honda 9/28 never disappoints and set to work clearing the driveway in no time.



6.   Here you can see where I follow a procedure in the owners manual of letting the track drive ride up over the snow taking off a layer of snow equal to the full height of the bucket. Then you back up and remove the bottom layer. Quick, easy and does not require any drift cutters.






4.   Job done (for now! lol)



3.   Next up was the arduous task of shovelling out the basement well. It's a PITA that has to be done by  hand. One trick that helps a lot is that once shovelled out I blow all the snow into the backyard. If left outside the railing it drifts in worse during the next storm.






1.   On January 7th we had another 10cm snowfall which was a lot easier to clean up but still a nice addition to our early ever growing snowfall accumulation!


Cheers, MIKE

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