January 4, 2020 Torbay ATV Rip & Mini Chainsaw Test (11 Photos)


11.   Winter here on the east coast of Newfoundland has once again been very slow to start. We had our first real dusting of snow back in November which quickly melted, it didn't start to become consistently cold until the last 2 weeks of December with our first significant snowfall finally arriving Christmas Eve. Snow has been pretty steady ever since and with a big blizzard forecast for tomorrow I decided to hit the trails on what could be Project Foreman's last trail ride until spring! (fingers crossed anyway!)



10.   In December my new favourite trailside tool arrived, a Chinese built Joncutter (not a sponsor) style mini top handle chainsaw. Its a 25cc 2-stroke saw with auto oiler and 12' bar. Everything on the saw looks decent and it started right up out of the box using quality Sthil premixed fuel. The best part is its small enough to carry in my 13" tall ATV box no problem.



9.   I left from the house and hit the trails around the airport fence. It was great riding, the trails were well packed down but even when breaking seldom used side trails the snow was not deep enough to stop my brand new 27" ITP (not a sponsor) Mud Lite XTR radials.



8.   Project Foreman continues to run well and look awesome with the new wrap installed earlier this year. Its a shame I haven't had the time to ride more often and show it off!






6.   I headed up a seldom used side trail where I knew there were a couple trees blown down across the path. This is exactly the type of situation I was excited to have this new power saw for.






4.   The trusty CS2500 fired right up and made short, easy work of this trail obstacle. I'm super stoked to have this unit in stock for trail repairs and gathering firewood for trailside campfires & cook-ups.






2.   Later in the day I began having electrical issues on the bike. First the hand warmers gave out followed by the LED light bar. I diagnosed and figured the regulator had given out and the bike was not charging the battery. Since I keep the bike on a battery tender, it simply ran on its charge for the last 3 hours straight! 



1.   At this point it was getting dark so I turned around and headed for home with all accessories & lights off saving the last of the battery power to run the standard headlights for the quick run down my street. When I got home I confirmed the diagnosis on the 20 year old regulator and ordered an OEM replacement from Honda One.


Cheers, MIKE

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