January 25, 2020 Marine Park Argo Ride (12 Photos)



12.   This past weekend French and I finally got out for our first tracked Argo ride together for the season. With our crazy mega blizzard behind us and State of Emergency lifted we loaded up the machines and headed for an easy shakedown run to their campsite at Marine Park near Pouch Cove.




11.   We met French's wife Heather and their two kids Piper and Avery down at the park and loaded everyone in the machines for an afternoon trail cruising.



10.   Heather and the kids spent some of the time in the Argo and had a great time being towed behind the machine in their new Pelican sleigh.






8.   Avery really started having a deadly time when she jumped aboard uncle Mike's cool as hell Argo. I told her to ask uncle Matthew what name he gave my Argo.












4.   After a spell we stopped and lit a dandy fire to roast a few hot dogs and get the girls all warmed up again. I totally forgot to take more pics once the fire was going!






2.   Daylight began to fade all to fast as we loaded everyone up and headed back to the truck having truly enjoyed an awesome afternoon in the woods!




Cheers, MIKE

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