Summer 2020 Recreational Food Fishery


This year's Summer Recreational Groundfish Fishery will follow a schedule similar to what DFO has announced for the last couple of years. This year the fishery will be open Saturday, Sunday & Monday starting on July 4, 2020 and ending September 7, 2020 (Canada Day long weekend to Labor Day long weekend.) There will be another week of fishing near the end of September for the Fall Fishery.





This year I completed a pile of work on Dad's new (to him) boat he purchased in the spring of 2019. I completely renovated the inside including a new dash, seats, electrical system and a bunch of new accessories. If you haven't already, check out the build on Dad's Boat Build page.





Our first run in the newly renovated boat was Friday of the 2nd food fishery weekend. I delivered the completed boat to Dad in Bay Roberts so we hit the water for a test ride. Everything went well and worked as it should. It was an amazing afternoon on the water as a large pod of a dozen or more whales were in the bay just of Port De Grave. It was a spectacular sight watching 8-10 whale breach at the same time!





Our first actual fishing adventure together took place the following weekend on Sunday afternoon as I've been working Saturdays recently. It was worth the wait as the weather worked out perfect for our trip.



Dad has a season launch pass at the Legion in Bay Roberts which offers a great facility for launching recreational watercraft.







Our first destination was the fishing grounds outside Bay Roberts just off the lighthouse but we didn't have much luck there today.







My Penn Fathom 60LW is still working flawlessly, super happy with its performance and reliability.



We moved on checking grounds along the shore towards Port De Grave finally running into a nice bit of fish off Burnt Head.





The fish were tightly knit in about 75' of water, we would drift across the hot spot then turn around, reposition, and let the swell take us back over the grounds catching our quota of 5 fish each in no time.



It was an absolutely beautiful day on the water. Temps were right around 20 degrees Canadian with very little wind.



With our quota caught we made our way back to the marina to load up and head back to Dad & Iris's for supper.



Iris had the pot on boil so we were treated to an amazing traditional Jigs Dinner with all the fixings. A perfect way to end an awesome day on the water!

Cheers, MIKE

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