August-September, 2020 Berry Picking (17 Photos)

After running out of frozen berries earlier this year I really wanted to make a conscious effort in 2020 to get out more and get some berries picked for the freezer to use in smoothies, cereal and pancakes throughout the coming year.



It was near the end of August before blueberries were really ripe enough to pick here on the East Coast, they definitely weren't as plentiful compared to other years but the picking wasn't too bad if you knew where to go.



Fresh raspberries were also pretty abundant which were a welcome new addition to my stocks. Blueberries freeze well and don't really stick together if they are dried off before freezing in tubs. Raspberries  were washed then frozen in small ziplock bags in portions



One afternoon I took advantage of a beautiful but quite warm afternoon and headed to Tors Cove to one of my favourite berry picking honey holes.



It was crazy to see some of the damage from our epic Snowmageddon blizzard this past winter. Sustained winds of over 100kph packed in 73cm of snow super tight as wind changed direction half way through the storm. This dense heavy snow really did a number on trees as it settled in the days following the storm.



Tree branches were literally pulled straight out of tree trunks!



I even managed to spy 4 grouse on the trail!





Most of the way through August and still seeing 28 on the Mercury.



On August 29th Sandra and Nellie joined me on a quest for berries further down the Southern Shore near Ferryland. Berries on the pole line were fairly scarce but the picking was much better down near the truck!





Out of snacks and nearly starved after a long day in the woods (and being showered on twice) we stopped into the Riverside Restaurant in Cape Broyle for an absolutely awesome feed on our way home.




Just the way I like them, pancakes that are mostly berries, this time a mix of Blueberry & Raspberries.



This year I also picked for the first time Blackberries as I've never really found a decent plot of them previously. I managed to get a couple tubs and they went well added to my frozen stash at home. They pair really well with blueberries in stuff and are supposed to be really good for you as well!


Cheers, MIKE

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